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Skate Canada Unites for Bullying Awareness Week

Last week, Skate Canada, along with the rest of the country, participated in Bullying Awareness Week. The week was designed for groups to come together to prevent bullying through education and awareness.

Skating is a part of our Canadian heritage and Skate Canada is dedicated to providing a safe and friendly environment for all of our members, from our CanSkaters to our adult skaters. Below is Skate Canada’s position statement on bullying, which is supported by our Membership Complaints Policy listed in our rule book.

We are committed to continuing to deliver an active and creative way for all Canadians to enjoy skating!


Bullying is a form of harassment and is considered to be “personal harassment” as defined in the Skate Canada Membership Complaint Policy section 9. (c). Skate Canada’s complaint policies are contained in the Policies and Procedures section of the rule book available on the Members Only portion of the Skate Canada web site under Technical & Programs > Rules > 2013 Official Rule Book > Policies & Procedures > Bylaws.


Skate Canada strongly condemns bullying, will not tolerate bullying by any of its members, and is committed to raising awareness of this issue and preventing and eliminating bullying behaviour within Skate Canada.  Skate Canada recognizes that bullying can have a serious adverse impact on personal dignity, self-esteem, confidence, personal safety, performance, enjoyment of skating and of life itself.

All Skate Canada members have the right to participate in a safe, supportive and caring environment free from harassment and they have the responsibility to contribute to the protection and maintenance of this environment.


Bullying is a form of personal harassment and includes physical or verbal abuse that occurs once or repeatedly and may involve an imbalance of power. Bullying is intended to hurt and humiliate the victim and may include:

Bullying may occur in-person or through electronic means including e-mail, texting and social media.


If a member has experienced bullying behaviour, or has witnessed another member being bullied, the member may submit a complaint to the Complaint Review Officer at the Skate Canada national office as per the process in the Skate Canada Membership Complaints, Hearing and Investigation Procedures Policy.


Skate Canada recommends that all of its member clubs and skating schools post this document on their club/school notice boards and/or web site and make it available for members upon request.

Every member club and skating school will inform its athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers of this document and will encourage victims of bullying, and the parents of victims of bullying, to bring forward these items as per the above mentioned process so that all necessary and reasonable steps to stop and prevent bullying behaviour can be taken.

Skate Canada’s Position Statement on Bullying is posted on the Members Only site under “Members”.