Items to buy and sell

Need a dress?  Better skates for ever growing feet?  The Winchester Skating Club runs a cupboard, located at the Winchester Arena, near dressing room 1.  We make it possible for families to sell their unwanted skating items, like skates, skating dresses and skirts, from the cupboard, at prices set by the seller.  The cupboard can be opened at any time for shopping or adding items – just ask any Board member for help.

If you are interested in buying any of these items, you can either email or talk to us when you’re at the arena.  If you have something you’d like to sell, please email us information with size and cost, or stop by the arena during a skating session to register the item for the cupboard.

For Sale:

Glacier  size 9  $15
Jackson  size 11  $40
Jackson  size 11.5  $25
Jackson  size 11.5  $55
Gam  size 11.5  $30
Jackson  size 13  $30
Jackson  size 2.5  $40
Glacier  size 3  $30
Jackson  size 3  $40
Jackson  size 3C  $40
Jackson  size 3C  $150
Jackson  size 4  $40
Jackson  size 4.5 $25
Gam  size 4.5  $40
Jackson  size 5.5  $60
Jackson  size 5.5  $50
Riedell  size 6AA  $30
Risport  $25
Gam (boot only)  size 7.5  $25

There are several dresses, skirts ect., please ask at the arena if you would like to view any other items.

*Prices are determined by the seller of the item and are not negotiable with the Winchester Skating Club.