Leanne van der Zweep

This is Leanne’s 16th year with the Winchester Skating Club. She is a National (Level 3) certified coach and has 18 years of coaching experience in all levels and disciplines, including competitive and test stream, freeskate, dance, skills, interpretive, choreography and off-ice.  Leanne also has a Master’s degree in sport psychology and a Ph.D. in child development. As an amateur skater, Leanne achieved her gold freeskate, skills, dances, and interpretive, as well as her Junior Competitive Test. She will be available on Tuesdays and Saturdays and her fees are $12.00/15 minute lesson.

For any further information or questions please call Leanne at 613-448-2384.


Chantal Lewis

Chantal is an ISPC (Level 1) certified coach since 1992, and has seven years of coaching experience in the province of Quebec. She achieved her gold level in Freestyle, 7th figure, Junior Silver in dance and Junior Competitive. Chantal was a competitive skater for 12 years and did intensive training with international and Olympic level coaches and skaters. Through middle and high school, she participated in the “sports-etudes” program for figure skating.  She will be available for private lessons in Intermediate and Star Skate sessions this season.

For further information or questions, please email Chantal at


Jessica Fontaine

Coaching experience:
I have been coaching for 10 years

Coaching Certification:
I am fully ISPC certified (formerly level 2)
I hold a gold CEP status
I am fully trained in the new Canskate program

Availability to teach or area of specialization:
I am able to teach Pre-can, Canskate, starskate, competitive stream skaters, dance (prelim-gold), skills (prelim-gold), stroking, choreography, and off-ice.
I have coached skaters up to the Junior competitive level and Gold starskate level.

Personal skating accomplishments:
Gold free skate
Gold dance
Gold skills
Senior competitor from 1999-2001
Manitoba provincial champion for 6 years (from pre-novice-senior)
Competed at North American Challenge (international invitational competition)
6th at Canadians at the novice level in 1997

Jessica is available for Intermediate and Star Skate private lessons on Thursday’s. For any questions or further information she can be contacted at


Paula Jones

Paula has 18 years of coaching experience and is a teacher with the Upper Canada District School Board.  Her qualifications include: NCCP Level 1 Certified, Level 2 Theory, ISPC Dance, Singles, Adult, Certified CanPowerSkate.

Paula is currently available on Tuesdays and Saturdays and can be reached at


Karen Abbass

Philosophy – I have always instilled in my skaters a love of skating and accomplishing their goals as a skater.  I bring to them a strong work ethic, respect for the sport and themselves and a desire to be their very best in all they do.  It is a joy to watch my skaters accomplish their goals, grow in confidence and achieve levels they didn’t think possible!

Teaching experience – 38 years

Certification – Level 2 certified, Level 3 technical and theory

Area Specialization – Freeskate, Skills, Dance

Personal Skating Achievements – Gold Free, Gold Figures, 3 Senior Silver Dances, Junior Competitive Test

Professional Highlights – Coached skaters at sectional, divisional, EOSIC, all Ontario and national level.  Coached skaters from preliminary to gold in skills, dance, free style and novice competitive.  Mentor coach. Volunteer on several skating club boards.

Karen is a resource coach and can be reached at


Marina Crober

Marina is trained at the CanSkate level. She was a skater with our club for 16 years and has completed her gold dances; as well as, her gold skills. She is now attending Carleton University to obtain to a degree in Child Studies.

For further information contact Marina:


Alexis Engwerda

Alexis is trained at the CanSkate level, and she has been a coach for 2 years. She has been skating since the age of 3. Since then, she has received gold levels in all disciplines, and she is a 2015 Skate Ontario Champions Junior bronze women’s gold medalist. She is also attending Carleton University.


Joelle Menard

Joelle has skated with the Winchester Skating Club for 12 years, starting when she was 5 years old.  Joelle has completed all 4 of her Gold levels:  FreeSkate, Dance, Interpretive and Skills.

Joelle has been a PA for the Club since she was 11 years old and this is her first year as a Coach, coaching the CanSkate programs.