About us

The Winchester Skating Club is a Skate Canada accredited club based in Winchester, Ontario.  Our club has been operating since 1974. This web site is intended to be a focal point for our members – a place where they can quickly get pertinent information about the club and its activities. It will also give the general public a glimpse into the organization and activities that go into operating a successful skating club.

Skate Canada Helmet Policy

All Skate Canada member clubs and skating schools who offer a CanSkate program must ensure all CanSkate and Adult CanSkate participants up to and including Stage 5 must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet while on the ice.

This policy also applies to all other Skate Canada programs, therefore Clubs and skating schools may choose to expand the use of CSA approved hockey helmets in their club as they see necessary. In general, anyone who lacks good control/balance when skating forward, backward and has difficulty stopping, as well as maneuvering around obstacles on the ice must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet.

Clubs and skating schools must ensure this policy is enforced during all skating activities including competitions, carnival days or any other special on ice activities throughout the season for this level of skater.

This policy is a minimum standard. Sections, at their discretion, may impose a higher standard which all clubs and skating schools within the sections’ boundaries must adopt and implement.

Peanut Allergies: Some members in our Skating Programs may have allergies to peanuts. The Winchester Skating Club would like to provide as safe an environment as possible. We would ask that your refrain from bringing and eating any snacks that could include peanuts during skating time.