About Test Days

The Skate Canada Test Program

The Skate Canada Test Program offers the opportunity for skaters to develop their skills in four different skating areas:  Dance, FreeSkate (program and elements), Interpretive, and Skating Skills.  These areas are grouped into 2 areas, Low test (which includes Preliminary, Junior Bronze and Senior Bronze), and High Test (Junior Silver, Senior Silver and Gold). 

What happens when your skater is ready to test?

Your coach will inform you when your skater is ready to test, and at the beginning of the year will inform you of what tests your skater will test that season.  Our Club hosts 3 low test days and 1 high test day.  A schedule of tests will be posted to the calendar at the beginning of the season.

Approximately one month prior to test day, the coach will submit a test list to the Test Chair. About 1 week before test day, the Test Chair will give you an envelope with your skaters test times.  The schedule will also be posted on the website, and placed on the Club bulletin board in the lobby of the arena. 

How much does testing cost?

The test envelope that the test chair gives you with your skaters test times will also have test fees on it.  The following fees are applicable:
Skate Canada fee: that goes to Skate Canada, a fee for each test being tested
Administrative fee: a one time per test day fee, goes to the Club to pay for evaluator mileage, gift etc.
Ice fee: this fee is only applicable if extra ice is booked for test day outside of our regular ice time.  The fee is per test, and varies for each test
**Coach and Dance partner fees are set by each coach/partner and is not collected by the test chair

You may also be asked to provide a refreshment or food for hospitality for the evaluator and volunteers of the test day.

What happens on test day?

What to wear?  Females should wear a skating dress or skirt; males should wear a skating outfit of comfortable pants and shirt. 

On test day, your skater should arrive at the arena 1 hour before their warm up. There is a possibility that the test schedule could run ahead of schedule.  A volunteer will direct you what dressing room you will go to to get ready for your test.  Talk to your coach to find out when your skater should get their skates on. 

An “Ice Captain” will prompt you when it is time to get ready to go on the ice. 

Your skaters warm up will last 3-10 minutes (depending on the test and number of skaters).  Typically there is a group testing together of the same test discipline and level.  During the warm up, coaches and dance partners spend time on the ice with the skaters.

A Skate Canada evaluator comes to the Club and evaluates your skater indivdiually. 

During the test, parents may watch from the stands or the lobby.  If in the stands, please be mindful of the evaluator. 

After the test, the Test Chair will receive your skaters test sheet from the Evaluator and give to the coach.  Please keep in mind, this is not always a fast process and it may take some time before the results are released.